The fallowing advantages of digital business cards

  1. It is a convenient way to store ample information about you and your profession in one place.
  2. Environment friendly save paper.
  3. Includes your URLs, website addresses, social media accounts, mobile number, phone number, and more in the card. 
  4. You can provide you UPI, bank details in QR code mode
  5. Saving money, to ones that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of carrying out business activities.
  6. Digital business cards can be easily shared, stored and searched on a single platform, business cards that are often not put to use properly because they are misplaced, difficult to find when required, or they contain irrelevant and outdated data.
  7. Digital business cards for a long way in conserving the environment by saving the number of trees cut to print millions and millions of business cards that are ultimately put to very little or no use.
  8. Digital business cards can automatically update people in your network about changes in your business contact information and vice versa. Hence only the latest and updated contact numbers, addresses and emails are available without having to go through the extra effort.
  9. Your entire stack of business cards can be processed into a searchable inbox, so they can be accessed at anytime, anywhere from your smartphone.
  10. Business information of all significant persons are held in one place. As a result, communication is increased and is of a higher quality.
  11. No excessive designing, printing and reprinting cards means they are definitely cheaper if not inexpensive. They can now perform their primary role of getting business done seamlessly.
  12. No reprinting is required, when information like the designation, location, phone, email or office address happen to change. No more striking out the wrong/old information and writing the new information with a pen. Keeps communication clean.
  13. Procuring the right information about the right person at the right time is made simple and speedy as there is no need to rummage through a pile of previously collected business cards which is sometimes comparable to finding a diamond in a coal mine.
  14. A digital business card is unlimited by nature. One can never run out of their personal business cards and don’t even need to make the extra effort of remembering to carry them. Just carry your smartphone.
  15. People usually attend events and gatherings to collect business cards of potential customers and vendors. What if this could be accomplished sitting in the comfort of their homes and offices? The amount of time and money spent on travel and stay over these events, which could be exorbitant, would be saved.
  16. People with whom meeting would otherwise be unlikely, can now be contacted, new relations can be built. It is simpler to find people as and when the need arises.
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