Because of 10 reason client choose us

1. We are providing a Professional & standard Services

2. We think, we agreed in service industry if we support in our client business growth then we grow our business.

3. We are using world top class business professional Hosting, security and E-mails services.

4. We are working as a technology partners with our clients.

5. We provide a great working environment

6. We dedicated for the project completion with 99.9% accuracy.

7. We are working in right direction at right time with right talent.

8. We are responsible with our dedication.

9. We proven with our client they are happiest with our partnership.

10. We have experienced of industry and our team is expertise in the particular domain.

Choose Why Unisoftworld

Professional Services

Secure Hosting with SSL Certificate

  • A quality of hosting help to increase traffic on your website
  • Increase speed of website
  • It insure your website is secure as possible
  • Payment transactions failure chances reduced Smooth landing over internet
  • It is reliable hosting we get customer support on the instant
  • Better control of your website content
  • Domain email is working as a professional
  • There is always enough space enough speed
  • Why need SSL / why we added for website because of the fallowing benefit
  • SSL Protect your confidential data
  • SSL certificate is to provide authentication to a website
  • it is running with secured url with htpps ( any one can open with https and secured browser

Example: unsecure secured (Encrypted)


Why many user unsecured website would like to avoided

  • SSL improves customer trust
  • Better search engine
  • Payment gateway transaction secure
  • Google Makes SSL Mandatory in 2018
  1. Email : (business mail but it can avoided at initial stage)
  • it should be professional and secure
  • one mail should be free from my side for a customer communication

Security Expectation & Our Approach

Cyber Security

What Expectations for security from our services

IT security services is a completely different activity for selling products. IT security services customers, the relationship started post the technology is deployment.  Customers expect 360 degree and 24×7 hours services which are reliable and robust. They expect real time and continuous improvement in their security posture.

Customers generally do not want updates in the form of cumbersome patches and software updates/upgrades. They expect vendors to be aware of the latest developments in IT security- threat research and countermeasure development, changes in regulatory environment, industry best practices etc. Customers demand latest technology for infrastructure to address new threats and drive efficiency.

Our Approach

At Unisoftworld, we offer an array of Managed IT Security Services for traditional data center, endpoint, identity and network management, as well as additional services to secure applications and next-generation platforms including cloud, mobility, and big data and analytics. Our team of expert practitioners and Risk Management Centers provide an integrated approach to technology, tools and services to help businesses focus on compliance, enterprise risk management and global threat intelligence.

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Our IT Security Services:

At Unisoftworld, our managed security services help our clients address their security concerns through a controlled and managed approach that focuses on enterprise-wide security and the integrity of environment. Our services include:

We support organizations of all sorts-big organizations with large security teams to small companies with no full-time security staff. We provide flexibility in our services- from simple backup of existing security staff, monitoring devices, alerting, reporting and management to active management of security environment- configuration, deployment and response. Our solutions generate reports appropriate for all their internal audiences- executives, managers, board members, security analysts and administrators.

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Web Application IT Security Services

With our application security services organizations can quickly develop, test and deploy applications by protecting, monitoring and managing business-developed, open source and commercial applications. We provide integrated robust security throughout the application lifecycle.

Cyber Security

Cyber Cloud Security Services

With the advent of technology, organizations of all size and concerns are moving towards a cloud environment for cost effective and agile solutions. However, security still remains as a big area of concern for cloud adoption. Using our Cyber Cloud Security Services, organizations can gain full visibility and secure their virtual environment for cloud and IaaS.

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Cyber Security Developed

Cyber Endpoint Security Services

With innumerable interconnected devices and users, end user devices like desktops, laptops etc. and servers are constantly subject to targeted attacks by a wide range of threats. Monitoring and responding to such threats across a global network can be challenging Using our Endpoint Security Services, organizations can build their core security functions, protect their IT infrastructure and secure data round the clock.

Cyber Identity and Access Management

Cyber crime has been growing at a tremendous pace. As a result, regulators have been continuously introducing mandates to increase the level of trust for online identities. Using our global Identity Management portfolio, IT organizations can manage user identities and their entitlements, and control access to information while meeting regulatory and security requirements.


Cyber Network Security Services

As employees, customers and partners grow across IT organizations, the quantum of risk and security threat keeps multiplying. This is further accentuated by new trends and innovations being embraced by IT organizations. Mobile apps, third-party cloud-based services and BYOD also can put key business initiatives in direct conflict with cyber security policies. Using our Network Security Services, organizations can gain full visibility and control over assets and sensitive information.

Cyber Risk Management Centers

IT organizations are becoming more dynamic as they govern, detect, assess and respond to today’s changing threat landscape. Using our Cyber Risk Management Centers, organizations can get access to the best security experts, processes and technologies. Integrated controls across our centers utilize disruptive, next-generation technologies to minimize risk, automate compliance, optimize security and ultimately enable their business.

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Key benefits of Our IT security services:

  • 24×7 monitoring of network Intrusion with firewall management, managed web application firewall and log monitoring
  • Real-time analysis of logs and alerts from security devices, network infrastructure, servers and other certified assets.
  • Collection, archival, search and reporting of raw log data from security devices, network infrastructure, servers and other log sources.
  • Internal and external vulnerability scanning managed by security experts to identify and remediate exposures.
  • Scanning of Web applications to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.
  • URL filtering, Web content filtering and Web policy enforcement to protect against inbound and outbound Web-borne threats.
  • Expertise processes and services to help you improve security, comply with regulations and manage risk.